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Reservations are open for 2014-2015!

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We bring the hands-on science, real plants, microscopes, lively take-home investigations--it's a discovery-filled field trip right in your classroom! All programs last one hour. Minimum is 12 students/session, 2 sessions/day. Maximum is 32 students/session, 4 sessions/day. Minimum time between sessions is 15 minutes. Maximum time between morning and afternoon sessions is 1.5 hours.

Falls Ablaze
Call: 612-301-1210
$5.50 per student 
plus $50 transportation fee to school 
Fall's Ablaze
October 29 - December 8

Why do leaves change color? Revisit the concept of photosynthesis but delve deeper to understand the pigments at work creating summer's green palette and autumn's reds and oranges. Separate pigments out of leaves by using chromatography in a small group lab experience. Combine science and art exploration with a TAKE HOME PIGMENT PROJECT.

Science Standards Practice of Science,2) Diversity of Life

 MN tough
Call: 612-301-1210
$5.50 per student 
plus $50 transportation fee to school

Minnesota Tough
February 18 - March 30

Imagine standing outside straight through our bone-chilling winters and sweltering summers. Icebox to sauna, our native trees and shrubs survive all of Minnesota's extremes. Compare adaptations of twig buds using microscopes, and learn how to use an ID key to determine tree type based on twig characteristics. Try to trick dormant branches into early spring growth with a TWIG EXPERIMENT.

Science Standards (3,5).4.1.1.(1,2) Diversity of Life

 Wanted Wetlands
Call: 612-301-1210
$5.50 per student 
plus $50 transportation fee to school

Wanted: Wetlands
APRIL 1 - MAY 29

Wanted: An environment that protects other areas from flooding, filters pollutants, and provides rich habitat for wildlife. Explore different wetland communities. Use microscopes to discover plant adaptations for wet living. PLANT WETLAND PLANTS!

Science Standards (3,5).4.1.1.(1,2) Diversity of Life Natural Systems

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