AppleHouse Plus!

The AppleHouse will open Wednesday, Aug. 29 for the 2018 season through early November. Open 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily. To hear a list of currently available apple varieties, call the AppleHouse Hotline at 612-301-3487. See estimated harvest times (dates vary from year to year) at right. Download the estimated harvest apple availability sheet. 

Select from unique and award-winning University of Minnesota apple introductions--from Beacon to SweeTango to Zestar--more than 50 varieties spanning early-to-mid-to-late-season favorites. Included is the popular Honeycrisp, the Official State Fruit of Minnesota; and First Kiss, the newest apple.

Also, choose from test apples that are numbered and not yet named. These fruits are still in the research and development phase. (Note: Apple Tastings at the Visitor Center's Gift  Garden Store in late Sept. and early Oct. ask visitors to rate test apples for taste, texture and color.)

The AppleHouse Gift Store also offers a variety of specialty food items and merchandise. Proceeds benefit the University of Minnesota's apple research program.

The AppleHouse is located just 1.5 miles west of the Arboretum entrance on State Highway 5 and Rolling Acres Road. Use this interactive map to plan your route to the Arboretum's AppleHouse.

Estimated Harvest Dates of Apples Available

LaCrescent Aug 25-Sep 10 sweet/tart, juicy

Zestar!TM Aug 30-Sep 5 sweet/tart, tender

Chestnut Crab Sep 1-7 sweet, chunky

SweeTango® Sep 2-14 sweet, juicy, crisp

Wealthy Sep 3-11 tart, tender

Red Baron Sep 7-15 sweet, tender

McIntosh Sep 11-19 sweet, firm

Sweet Sixteen Sep 12-20 sweet, firm

Red Haralson Sep 13-21 tart, firm

HoneycrispTM Sep 15-22 sweet/tart, chunky

Cortland Sep 18-25 sweet/tart, chunky

Haralson Sep 23-Oct 3 tart, firm

Connell Red Oct 3-10 sweet, firm

Honeygold Oct 4-12 sweet, firm

Regent Oct 4-12 sweet/tart, firm

Snowsweet Oct 4-12 sweet/tart, savory

Fireside Oct 5-13 sweet, firm

FrostbiteTM Oct 6-14 sweet, firm, juicy

Keepsake Oct 11-25 sweet, firm

NOTE: Firm = holds its shape. Tender = cooks down. Chunky = half firm, half tender.


Visit for more information about the University of Minnesota Horticultural esearch Center's Fruit Breeding Program.