Field Trips at the Arboretum!
Visit the Arboretum during the Fall, Winter, or Spring and treat your students to a hands-on, real plants, learning experience. Check out our standards-based programs for all seasons.

Reservations open August 20, 2014
$5.50 per student
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Yellow School Bus Kindergarten
FIELD TRIPS: Select a grade level Kindergarten
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1st Grade 2nd Grade  3rd Grade
4th Grade 5th Grade  6th Grade
4th Grade 5th Grade  6th Grade

PlantmobileWant the Arboretum to deliver a field trip right to your classroom? Check out PLANTMOBILE!

View a video preview of our "Plant-Works, Water-Works" Field Trip!



Want the Arboretum to deliver a field trip right to your classroom? Check out PLANTMOBILE!
Arboretum Plantmobile brings a field trip to your school! 





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You know your students' needs best. See SELF GUIDED VISITS for resources to lead your own Arboretum adventure, or extend your visit.