Gardening tools and watering can in a basket.

Get Growing: A Day of Garden Workshops

Saturday, March 17
8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

Level: beginner to intermediate

Cabin fever has hit and you are dreaming of your best yard yet for 2018, but who has time to learn everything? This day-long buffet of classes is the answer- in just one Saturday, you will gain useful tips, tricks, and inspiration in a wide range of gardening topics! You’ll leave with a binder of handouts and bag full of plants, seeds, and other garden goodies- motivated and educated for the best garden season yet!

Limit 80, Marion Andrus Learning Center

$95 member/$110 non-member, includes Arboretum admission, morning coffee and breakfast goodies, box lunch and all supplies


Choice of Sessions

NO INDIVIDUAL SESSION REGISTRATION! Simply drop in or switch as desired.
See chart for session times/options/locations.




Garden Lab

Tree Place


Container-grown Succulents

Growing and Using Unique Herbs

Soil Science 101

Intro to Garden Design


Container-grown Succulents

Veggies for Small Spaces

Soil Science 101

Intro to Garden Design


Container-grown Succulents

The Forever Garden

Soil Science 101

Intro to Garden Design


Choice of Asiago Roast Beef Foccaccia OR Sesame Tofu Garden Salad


Water gardening

Growing Grapevines at Home

Sustainable Lawn and Turf

Plants for Pollinators


Water gardening

Growing Grapevines at Home

Sustainable Lawn and Turf

Plants for Pollinators

Session Descriptions

Growing a Pollinator Buffet

Tim Kenny, Director: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Education; Director: University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program
An important part of any party is the buffet food - same goes for inviting pollinators to your yard, patio, or community - it's all about good food and drink! Wondering what pollinators will visit your buffet and how you can enjoy a pollinator safari with kids, family and friends? Thinking about creating some photographic art along the way? You'll leave feeling empowered to do all these things, along with some easy to grow pollinator plant seeds in your pocket.

Sustainable Lawn & Turf

Sam Bauer, Horticulture Educator, University of Minnesota Extension
Are you ready to give up serving your tyrannical lawn with what seems to be constant watering, chemical treatments, and mowing? There are many alternatives to those traditional Kentucky bluegrass varieties! Examine plant specimens from the greenhouse and learn to identify them. Discuss the best practical products to use for fertilizer, seed, and pest control, and consider other possible ground covers. You'll leave the session with a variety of tools to implement environmentally sound practices, and a few grass seed samples.

Beyond Basil, Rosemary and Thyme: Unique and Unexpected Herbs

Theresa Mieseler, Herb Grower and Consultant, Shady Acres Herb Farm
Perhaps it's time you tried growing something different in your herb garden! While many of us grow herbs such as basil, rosemary and thyme, there are other, less common herbs that are well worth growing, too - perfect for bringing exciting and unexpected flavors to dishes and drinks, and beauty to your garden! Theresa will introduce you to herbs such as Cilantro mimics, Mrihani basil, Cat's Whiskers and Mexican Oregano, and share growing tips as well as samples from the kitchen. Find a place in your garden and kitchen for these unique herbs. You'll depart with a handout of growing tips, a recipe or two, and a list of herb resources.

Veggies for Small Spaces: Containers, Window Boxes and Raised Planters

Theresa Mieseler, Mieseler, Herb Grower and Consultant, Shady Acres Herb Farm
Grow your own vegetables on your porch, patio or balcony all season long! Many of your favorite veggies can grow productively in small spaces. Learn where to order seed suitable for small spaces, which containers to use and how to plant, care for and harvest your favorites. Each student will receive a growing kit: vegetable seed catalogues, a handout, 3 samples of vegetable seed easily grown in containers, 3 3/12" plastic pots, and a small bag of soilless mix.

Growing Grapevines at Home

Annie Klodd, Horticulture Educator specializing in Fruit and Vegetable Production, University of Minnesota Extension
Have you ever thought about growing your own grapes for fresh eating, wine, or aesthetics, but felt too intimidated to start? Annie will share the basics and give you a solid research-based start to home grape production! You will learn about the best cultivars for Minnesota, how many vines to plant for your needs, best planting and trellis practices, how to prune, dealing with pests, and best harvesting practices. You will leave with a comprehensive handout and vine to grow at home.

Soil Science 101

Christy Marsden, Horticulture Educator and Master Gardener Education Manager, University of Minnesota Extension
You plant trees in it, pull weeds out of it, water and mulch it- but why does soil matter so much? Christy will reveal the fascinating science behind soil in this hands-on talk, including soil texture, organic matter, microbes, and what it all has to do with your garden. You will also learn how to take soil tests and what to do about the results. You'll leave with a new appreciation for the ground beneath you, a comprehensive handout and soil test materials.

Introduction to Garden Design

Jim Calkins, landscape and production horticulturist, Research Information Director at the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association
Knowing how to grow plants is a big part of successful landscapes and gardens, but success begins with a good design! Jim will introduce you to some of the basic principles of landscape design, and discuss additional considerations such as soil, hydrology, and plant selection. Jim will also share tips and advice that will help you make your home landscape more functional, maintainable, environmentally sound, and visually pleasing.

The Forever Garden

Laura Vogel, Arboretum Adult Education Programs Manager
Many of the edibles we grow need to be sowed, grown or planted every year... but not all of them! Join Laura for an introduction to plants like dill, radishes, and asparagus that can reward you with food throughout the season or year after year. You will enjoy a few samples, learn how to plant and care for these crops for ongoing harvests, and leave with a selection of seeds and a crown to plant at home.

Container-grown Succulents

Mindy Zittel, Arboretum Staff and Landscape Designer
Succulents are all the rage as houseplants and container plants, but take a little bit of know-how to grow successfully throughout the year. Learn the botanical backgrounds of a variety of succulents in the greenhouse, how to propagate succulents by cuttings, and how to care for container-grown succulents in the summer and winter. You'll leave with succulent cuttings to grow at home, a handout, and bag of soil.

Water Gardening 101

Laura Vogel, Arboretum Adult Education Programs Manager
Open up a whole new habitat and growing medium in your yard! Laura started water gardening at 13 years old and will talk through the basics: siting, liners and containers, plant selection, and troubleshooting. You'll leave with a handout and an aquatic plant to grow in an indoor or outdoor setting!

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