Gardening tools and watering can in a basket.

Get Growing: A Day of Garden Workshops

Saturday, March 16
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Beginner to intermediate

Cabin fever has hit and you're dreaming of your best yard yet for 2019, but who has time to learn everything? This day-long buffet of classes is the answer- in just one Saturday, you will get "Cliffs Notes" in a wide range of gardening topics to get you started on the right foot! Begin your morning with coffee and light breakfast goodies as you curate your learning with your choice of three out of four sessions (see agenda below). Enjoy a box lunch while chatting with instructors and fellow gardeners, then dive into two of four afternoon sessions (see agenda below). You'll leave with a binder of handouts and bag full of plants, seeds, and other garden goodies- motivated and educated for the best garden season yet!
Limit 80, Marion Andrus Learning Center

$95 member/$110 non-member, includes Arboretum admission, light breakfast (coffee/tea, pastries, yogurt, fruit), box lunch, a binder of handouts and a bag full of plants, seeds & garden goodies

2019 program is under construction. View tentative agenda below.
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Choice of Sessions

Reference the agenda grid below to create your own custom schedule when you register!

Garden Shed



Garden Lab

Tree Place

Inside a Plant Lab

9 - 10 a.m.

Starting Your Own Seeds Indoors

4 Trendy Ideas for Indoor Plants

Growing Tomatoes, Peppers & Potatoes

Plant Shopping

The Pollinators in Your Yard

Coffee, tea and pastries

10:10 - 11:10 a.m.

Starting Your Own Seeds Indoors

4 Trendy Ideas for Indoor Plants

Growing Tomatoes, Peppers & Potatoes

Plant Shopping

The Pollinators in Your Yard

Coffee, tea and pastries

11:20 a.m.- 12:20 p.m.

4 Trendy Ideas for Indoor Plants

Growing Tomatoes, Peppers & Potatoes

Plant Shopping

The Pollinators in Your Yard

Coffee, tea and pastries

12:20 - 12:50 p.m.

Box Lunch
Drop-in: PlantMaker Studio

1 - 2 p.m.

 PlantMaker Studio


Your Garden Questions Answered by Master Gardeners

Five Steps for Fabulous Soil!

Bulbs & Tubers: Color & Variety for your Containers

Special Access: Arboretum Inspiration & Resources For Your Garden

2:10 - 3:10 p.m.

 PlantMaker Studio


Your Garden Questions Answered by Master Gardeners

Five Steps for Fabulous Soil!

Bulbs & Tubers: Color & Variety for your Containers

Special Access: Arboretum Inspiration & Resources For Your Garden

Session Descriptions

Starting Your Own Seeds Indoors

Christy Marsden, Horticulture Educator and Master Gardener Education Manager, University of Minnesota Extension

Growing plants from seeds can be an enjoyable and inexpensive start to your garden season, but it does take a little bit of know-how. Learn more about the fascinating world of seeds, from what they need to grow to how you can germinate seeds easily at home. Christy will cover a range of easy-to-grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables!
Take-homes for your goodie bag:
  • A customized seed collection
  • Planting supplies

Growing Tomatoes, Peppers and Potatoes

Annie Klodd, Horticulture Educator specializing in Fruit and Vegetable Production, University of Minnesota Extension

Did you know that tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes are all related? Vegetables from the same family often have similar growing requirements, and that is definitely true of these three! Explore the similarities of these three vegetable plants, and what this means for you as a gardener. You will learn some of the most delicious, easy-to-grow cultivars for Minnesota, basics for growing success, plus how to overcome common problems. and leave with the confidence to have a delicious growing year.
Take-home for your goodie bag:
  • A variety of seed potatoes to grow out at home

Plant Shopping: How to Choose the Right Plants for Your Landscape

Jim Calkins, landscape and production horticulturist, Research Information Director for the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA)

So, you have a blank spot in your garden and, with hope and anticipation, go to a garden center to fill it... only to find yourself overwhelmed by choice and confusion. It happens to the best of us! Let Jim help you build your confidence by sharing some simple tips and tricks for knowing how to select the right plants for the spaces in your landscape. He will cover the basics from plant type and size to soil and light requirements, plus the best times to shop and how to buy healthy plants. You will also learn about some of Jim's favorite, easy-to-grow landscape plants.
Take-homes for your goodie bag:
  • New plant-shopping savvy 
  • A seed, cutting, or plant division that can eventually be planted in your landscape or garden!

The Pollinators in Your Yard

Ping Honzay, Bee and Pollinator Center Manager, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Education

You've heard the "buzz" about pollinators and want to help, but what are all these bugs flying around your flowers... and which ones are even pollinating? Learn more about the small creatures in your garden, and what they need to survive. You will learn to identify some of the more common pollinators found in a Minnesota yard, from bumblebees and honeybees to swallowtails and even flies! Plants and simple habitat needs- like water- will also be covered. You will gain a new appreciation for the hidden world in your backyard, and be excited to take a closer look as spring arrives!
Take-homes for your goodie bag:
  • A collection of pollinator seeds to plant at home
  • A simple "bee waterer"

Four Trendy Ideas for Indoor Plants

Laura Vogel, Adult Education Programs Manager, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Education

Are you tired of the same old houseplants, and looking for something new to green up your home? Try some of these ideas on for size! Laura will share inspiration and information on four trendy interior gardening techniques:
  1. Terrariums
  2. Forced bulbs
  3. Air gardens
  4. Kokedama 
You'll learn how to make any or all of these projects, where to get materials, how each of these plantings is created, how to maintain them, and some of the common problems you might face.
Take-home for your goodie bag:
  • Cuttings and bulbs to get you started on any of these projects

Bulbs & Tubers: Color and Variety for your Containers 

Tim Kenny, Director: Director, Arboretum Education; Director, Extension Master Gardener Volunteer program 

Want a new palette of garden plants that need little input and will offer showstopping color and variety for your containers? Try bulbs and tubers! Explore a wide array of choices with varied height, color, texture, fragrance and foliage. Learn planting techniques, design tips, and how to choose which will grow best in your situation - a large planter or a small patio pot - possibilities abound.
Take-homes for your goodie bag:
  • A catalog of bulbs to peruse
  • A few bulbs to plant at home!


Special Access with the Director: Arboretum Inspiration & Resources For Your Garden

Pete Moe, Director of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

When you are trying to decide on a new tree or shrub to add to your garden, perhaps you look online or at a garden center. But why not take a look at the Arboretum- a living library and horticultural laboratory with more than 5,000 plant species, 32 gardens and nearly 50 collections! Enjoy "special access" time with Pete as he shares the amazing resources, detailed information, and inspiration you can gain by visiting the Arboretum. Weather permitting, you may even get an exclusive bus tour of Three Mile Drive (normally closed to the public in March), including highlights of some of our top collections!
Take-homes for your goodie bag:
  • Inspiration for your own backyard
  • Excitement to explore more of the Arboretum
  • A cutting of one of Pete's favorite cultivars and a University of Minnesota introduction, Forsythia 'Northern Sun'

Five Steps for Fabulous Soil!

Anne Sawyer, Horticulture Educator, On-Farm Food Safety, University of Minnesota Extension

Soil is a fascinating, living world- full of microbes, decay, air, water... and roots. Learn more about this essential and literal foundation to your gardening, because healthy soil makes for happy plants! You will learn how and why to add organic matter, and the importance of air space in the soil and what that means for tilling and pathways. Anne will talk about mulch- not just red dyed shredded bark- and how it benefits the soil and the plants. You will learn about smart use of fertilizers and pesticides, how to take a soil test and interpret the results. You will leave with a new appreciation for this unseen world, and practical steps to improve your garden soil.
Take-home for your goodie bag:
  • A coupon for a helpful University soil test

Your Garden Questions Answered by Master Gardeners!

Steve and Laura Hanson, University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners

Do you have specific gardening questions, or persistent issues with a particular plant? University-trained Master Gardener Volunteers will answer some of your burning questions, plus help you learn how to get more advice throughout the year. Learn about Master Gardener program- who are they and what do they do- then dive right into garden questions you've submitted in advance, giving you practical advice and solid research-based recommendations. You'll learn more about what your fellow gardeners are struggling with, and have answers in hand if some questions in the room arise in your garden, too! Steve and Laura will finish up by sharing ways you can "ask a Master Gardener" throughout the year, from the Arboretum.
Take-homes for your goodie bag:
  • Customized answers to your specific garden questions
  • A Master Gardener notebook for you to record all the great knowledge!

Box Lunch


served with potato chips, Craveworthy Cookies® and beverage 
Sandwich Options (select your preference at registration):

  1. Thai Beef Wrap (280 CAL EACH) 
  2. Mozzarella, Red Pepper, Balsamic & kale ciabatta (470 CAL EACH) 
  3. Turkey, feta, spinach & sundried tomato ciabatta (670 CAL EACH)


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