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Alcoholic beverages will not be available at this program

*Lunch* with a Chef: The Whole Hive! (800-08-12-17)
Saturday, August 12, noon - 2 p.m.
David Donatelle, Chef, Bee Keeper, and Nutrition Coach

Join the Arboretum, local chefs, and fellow food lovers for our newest addition: LUNCH! These select meals still boast a generous multi-course menu, but offer a lower price point because no alcohol will be served. Gain a greater appreciation for that singularly delicious ingredient we derive from a hive! David will bring you his unique expertise as both a chef and beekeeper as he creates a beautiful four-course meal featuring local ingredients and honey. In the fun company of other foodies, enjoy the meal as David regales you with stories of beekeeping, cooking, and nutrition. You will leave with a full belly, handout plus recipes, and a better appreciation for the diverse dishes that honey can complement! 
Limit 30, Learning Center
Menu (subject to change)
Honey Goat Cheese Toasts
Honey Glazed Salmon
Fresh From the Garden Salad with Honey Vinaigrette
Honey Sweet Corn Cake

register $45 member/$57 non-member, includes Arboretum admission and a multiple-course watch-learn-dine experience - plus recipes!

photo: Bill Johnson

Capturing the Unseen: Elusive Insect Photography (750-09-19-17)
Saturday, September 9, 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Bill Johnson, National Director for Region V, Garden Writers' Association and Charter Member of the North American Nature Photographers' Association

Level: All levels
Here is a chance to follow along with an expert nature photographer and learn his methods for capturing images of the tiniest of subjects! Bill will start with an introduction to insect photography tips and techniques, and then you and fellow photographers will learn firsthand how to hunt down your subjects. There's no guarantee of what you will find-that is one of the joys of nature photography-but with Bill's entomological expertise you'll be sure to grow in appreciation of whatever species you meet. After time in the field, you will return to the classroom for a review of some of the class' images. Bill will offer constructive advice sure to get you off on the right foot during future insect photography shoots. Note that insects are often found close to the ground, so you'll want to dress comfortably for the outdoor portion of class, to allow for squatting, kneeling, or even laying on the ground.
Required Equipment: DSLR or higher end Point-and-Shoot Camera
Suggested Equipment: cord to share images with the class, macro lens in the 100mm-400mm range, wide angle lens in 24mm to 50mm range
Limit 15, Bee Center

register 5 spots left
$74 member/$89 non-member,
 includes Arboretum admission

photo Larry Weber 

A Closer Look: The World within a Patch of Goldenrods (150-09-16-17)
Saturday, September 16, 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Larry Weber, Duluth, Teacher at State Parks and Nature Centers, Radio Personality, Author, Cofounder of the Minnesota Phenology Network

We all see beautiful, sunny patches of goldenrods in September, but rarely take a closer look. These large yellow spikes play host to myriads of insects and spiders- eating and being eaten, finding shelter and laying eggs. Join other environmental enthusiasts for an absorbing introduction to this world by Larry Weber, a Minnesota author and radio personality. After the presentation, you will take an exclusive-for-this-class tram journey out to the prairie (weather permitting), and put your newfound perspective to good use! You will leave will a comprehensive handout and new appreciation for the complex and dramatic insect world that exists because of a flowering patch of goldenrods. This program is perfect for anyone who has a scientific curiosity...from high school students to a unique date experience!
Limit 40, Oswald Visitor Center

register $45 member/$57 non-member, includes Arboretum admission and exclusive Trumpet Creeper Tram ticket


Saturday in the Kitchen: Beeswax Beauty (800-09-30-17)
Saturday, September 30, 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Kris James, Certified Culinary Herbalist, Culinary Instructor/Chef, owner of Magpies Aromatherapy

Beeswax has long been used in beauty products and is a natural, toxin-free way to add protective, emolliating, and softening elements to skincare. Come with your friends to try a variety of beeswax-based beauty treatments, and create your own spa products in a fun, relaxed kitchen setting! You will leave with samples to share with family/friends and comprehensive handouts, including recipes. You won't have to book an appointment at a spa to enjoy luxurious products such as: Sweet Orange and Honey Body Wash, Anti-Wrinkle Green Tea Eye Cream and Happy Heel Lemon Foot Salve.
Limit 20, Learning Center

register $39 member/$52 non-member, includes Arboretum admission and all supplies

native grasses
photo Mary Meyer 

Using Native Grasses in your Landscape (150-10-28-17)
Saturday, October 28, 9:30 a.m. - noon
Mary Hockenberry Meyer, Professor and Extension Horticulturist - U of M, Author

Are you interested in a landscape with color, deer resistance, texture, and winter interest? Consider using native grasses! Mary will share her wealth of knowledge on the topic as you and other home gardeners consider the species that are best for your property. You will learn how these grasses support native butterflies, and how you can grow these plants in your gardens. Mary will share a comprehensive list of species and cultivars to choose from, with differing color, texture, and size. Weather permitting, the class with conclude with a tour of the Arboretum's grass collection to see the plants in person.
Limit 30, Oswald Visitor Center

register $38 member/$50 non-member, includes Arboretum admission

creating habitats
photo Kelly Colgan Azar/Flikr

Creating Habitat for Birds and Butterflies in your Yard & Garden (150-02-03-18)
Saturday, February 3, 9:30 a.m. - noon
Julie Boden, Gardener and Nature Enthusiast

Are you interested in attracting more birds and butterflies to your garden or patio? Just like people, birds and butterflies require food, water and shelter and they prefer that it be close to where they live. Join other wildlife enthusiasts as Julie shares everything you need to know to invite a stunning variety of these winged visitors into your own backyard sanctuary. You will learn what plants will best fit your location and what species they might attract for food or shelter. You will also learn what simple non-plant additions are needed to cover all the needs of these species.
Limit 22, Oswald Visitor Center

register $30 member/$42 non-member, includes Arboretum admission

pohoto Beth Markhart 

Establishing and Maintaining Prairie Communities (150-02-24-18)
Saturday, February 24, 9:30 a.m. - noon
Beth Markhart, Outreach & Training Coordinator for Prairie Restorations, Inc.

Learn how to bring an important ecosystem onto your property, whether a small garden or large landscape. In this course, you will learn how to mimic native prairie plant communities for their natural ecological processes of soil building and carbon storage, beneficial insect habitat, and pollination support brought about by observing biological diversity and stewarding the earth. You will engage with other prairie gardeners through fun, interactive learning through the use of internet real-time group activities during class. You will leave with a comprehensive handout and list of resources, plus the knowledge you need to establish your own prairie community in the spring. Bring an internet accessible device such as a laptop or a smart pad.
Limit 24, Tashjian Bee and Pollinator Discovery Center

register $35 member/$47 non-member, includes Arboretum admission 


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