(Updated Oct. 15) Fall color is at 70% at the Arboretum  and should remain great through the weekend. Walking through the woods is pretty spectacular with the large trees in full color and the young understory maples producing a golden yellow. Sugar Maples glow red, orange and yellow. Red and White Oak trees are starting to turn deep red and russet.  Birch trees are golden yellow, and tamaracks have a golden glow on the bog boardwalk. The smaller trees and shrubs are adding lots of color throughout the grounds. Viburnums, Hazelnut, Dogwoods, Amur Maples, Burning Bush and Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle are showing shades of red. Check out the Grey Dogwoods on the hill across the Iris pond - they're almost purple! Also take a look at the Blue Beech near the perennial fountain - an interesting orange and russet. Sunflowers are adding spots of gold to the prairie. Don't miss the violet and blue asters in large numbers along the edge of the woods.  What a great time for a fall walk!  Our Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit continues through Oct. 26.