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About the Garden

The Harrison Sculpture Garden is located on the rolling hills that surround the Arboretum's High Point. Th­ere are currently 23 works on permanent view on a site just over 3 acres in size. Works of renowned contemporary sculptors such as Mimmo Paladino, Barbara Hepworth, George Rickey and others are featured, in interplay with a magnificent landscape of open countryside, trees and sky that changes with every season.

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About the Donors

The Harrisons
The Harrison Sculpture Garden is the generous gift of Alfred Harrison and Ingrid Lenz Harrison, pictured at left with Arboretum Director Ed Schneider (far right).

The Harrisons have been collecting art since they were married in 1964. Their outdoor sculpture collection began in 1988. Alfred has said that they wanted to find the perfect home for their outdoor sculpture collection now that the couple is well into retirement. Not wanting to leave the task of finding a location to their children, the Harrisons chose the Arboretum. They are very pleased that hundreds of people will be able to enjoy the sculptures during a walk through the garden or even as they drive by.


Listen to their story and hear interpretations of some of the sculptures in this video below.

Youtube video screenshot