COST: $250

Join or Renew your membership today! Your Care Center membership gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Arboretum all year round! 

Please enjoy all of the benefits of your Care Center Membership:

  • 1 care center lanyard (admits one van vehicle); bring lanyard with you and show at gatehouse for admission
  • Complimentary magazine
  • Recognition in the Arboretum’s annual report
  • 10% off personal memberships for all your employees*

Show your appreciation to all staff by giving them a discount on their own Arboretum membership and encouraging them to decompress with a power-walk after work, gardening class or relaxed weekend outing with family and friends.

Contact 612-301-1257 for details or to Join or Renew your Care Center Membership!

Click Here for a printable PDF application. 

Generous, tax deductible contributions like yours allow the Arboretum to maintain excellence in the gardens, add to the broad scope of displays possible on our 1,200+ acre site, conduct valuable research, and provide educational programs for all ages.