Ed Schneider

Edward L. Schneider

Director of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

U of M Department Affiliations

Department of Horticulture Science


Educational Background

Ph.D.:  Botany,  University of California, Santa Barbara, California      
M.S.: Plant Ecology, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA            
B.A., Biology, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA

Recent Publications

  • Carlquist, S. and Edward L. Schneider.  2010. Origins and Nature of vessels in monocotyledons. 11. Primary xylem microstructure, with examples from Zingiberales. International Journal of Plant Sciences.  171(3): 258-266.
  • Schneider, Edward L. and S. Carlquist.  2009.  Xylem of early angiosperms: Novel microstructure in stem tracheids of Barclaya (Nymphaeaceae). Aquatic Botany 91: 61-66.
  • Carlquist, S. and E.L. Schneider. 2009. Do tracheid microstructure and presence of minute crystals link Nymphaeaceae, Cabombaceae, and Hydatellaceae? Bot. J. Linnean Soc. 159: 572-582.
  • Schneider, Edward L., Sherwin Carlquist, and C. Barre Hellquist. 2009. Microstructure of tracheids of Nymphaea.  International Journal of Plant Sciences.  170: 457-466. Includes cover photo of journal.
  • Carlquist, S. and E.L. Schneider.  2009. Distinctive tracheid microstructure in stems of Victoria and Euryale. Bot. J. Linnean Soc. 15952-57.
  • Carlquist, S., Edward L. Schneider, and C. Barre Hellquist.  2009.  Xylem of Early Angiosperms:  Nuphar (Nymphaeaceae) has Novel Tracheid Microstructure. American Journal of Botany 96: 207-215.
  • Carlquist, S., E.L. Schneider, and K.F. Kenneally. 2008. Origins and nature of vessels in monocotyledons. 10.  Boryaceae:  xeromorphic xylem structure in a resurrection plant. Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia.  91: 13-20.
  • Carlquist, S. and E.L. Schneider  2007.  Tracheary elements in Ferns:  new techniques, observations, and concepts.  American Fern Journal  97(4): 199-211.
  • Schneider, E.L.,S. Carlquist, and J. G. Chemnick. 2007.  Scanning electron microscope studiesof cycad tracheids.  South African Journal of Botany 73: 512-517.
  • Carlquist, S, and E.L. Schneider.  2007.  Origins and nature of vessels in monocotyledons. 9.  Sansevieria.  South African Journal of Botany 73(2): 196-203.

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Selected Community and Professional Activities

  • Past-President, Botanical Society of America (BSA), 2006-  2007
  • Chair, Development Committee, Botanical Soc. Amer., 2007- 2010
  • College of Science Development Committee, CWU, 2007 - 2009
  • President, Botanical Society of America (BSA), 2005-  2006
  • American Assoc. of Museums (AAM), National Program Committee, 2005 - 2006
  • Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP), Board Member, 2005 - 2007
  • Center for Plant Conservation, Board of Directors, 1999 - Present
  • President, Texas Academy of Science, 1992- 1993
  • Amer. Assoc. Museum Governance National Taskforce (Chair), 1999 to 2001
  • Botanical Society of America, Finance Advisory Group/Trustee, 1995 to Present
  • American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta, Board of Directors, 1999 - 2001
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services; Museum Assessment Program (MAP) Technical Advisory, 1999 -2004

Selected Awards and Recognitions

  • 2007, American Association of Museums Award for Excellence in Peer Review
  • 2006, Centennial Medallion Recipient, Botanical Society of America
  • 2001, John Dwyer Lectureship (Biology), St. Louis University & Missouri Botanical Garden
  • 1998, Centennial Medallion (for Excellence & Distinction), Texas State University
  • 1998, Botanical Society of America Award of Merit (highest honor given by society)
  • 1998, UCSB Outstanding Faculty Member (Residence Hall Association & Residential Life)
  • 1997, International Award of Appreciation, International Water Lily
  • 1996, Chevalier du Maréchalat des Côtes de Duras
  • 1996, Distinguished Alumnus, Central Washington University
  • 1995, Hall of Fame  - International Water Lily Society Society (highest honor given by society)
  • 1986, Recipient:  Presidential Award For Excellence in Research, Southwest Texas State University (one recipient annually)
  • 1980, Fellow - Texas Academy of Science

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