Welcome to the Osprey Cam


About the Osprey

The osprey is a large raptor, often known as the “fish hawk.”  Both male and female osprey work together to create the nest. Once eggs are laid (typically 1-3), the osprey take turns incubating the eggs. The family diet is 99% fish, supplemented with other reptiles and crustaceans. When the chicks are 10 days old, they are already mobile and eat 1-3 lbs. of food per day.

Special thanks to the Garwick Family Memorial Fund for generously sponsoring the costs of the “Osprey Cam." 

Additional thanks to Vanessa Greene and Metro Osprey Watch (www.ospreywatch.blogspot.com) for their expert monitoring of the Arboretum osprey nest this past year, and ongoing info about ospreys in the metro area