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1. Maze Garden - Will you lose yourself? Or find your way through? Try both mazes!
2. Weekend Family Fun - Experience "hands-on plants" for all ages, Saturdays & Sundays, 12-4pm year-round; theme changes monthly.
3. Green Play Yard - It's natural fun especially designed for ages 5 and under.
4. Bog Walk on Green Heron Trail - Take the boardwalk across Green Heron Pond; look for herons, dragonflies, orchids and tamaracks.
5. Japanese Garden - Sit in the Garden House, listen to the rushing waterfall, count the koi.
6. Shade Tree Exhibit - Meet some trees that could live in your yard, and check out the little playhouses.
7. Fruit and Vegetable Garden - Do a walkabout and see what homegrown crops are ripening today.
8. Under The Oak - Build your own stick fort and crawl through the Twigloo.
9. Weeping Trees - How do some of them grow to look like green elephants?
10. Herb Gardens -The "scratch-and-sniff" idea started with herbs; rub their leaves gently and try a few!


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Your Bog Adventure 
Use this guide to find your way to more nature and more discoveries as you take the half-mile Green Heron Trail loop around Green Heron Pond. "Your Bog Adventure" includes 5 activities to do with children ages 5-11. You can print your own copy at home to bring, or pick up a free copy at the Oswald Visitor Center when you arrive. Allow 30-45 minutes. Are you ready to explore?
Print Bog Adventure Page 1
Print Bog Adventure Page 2

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Your Garden Fun Finder
Sprout some green curiosity as you explore the glorious display gardens near the Oswald Visitor Center. "Your Garden Fun Finder" offers 8 activities to do with children ages 5-11. You can print your own copy at home to bring, download it to your mobile device (e.g. iPad, Kindle, phone), or purchase a copy at the Arboretum Gift Store when you arrive. Allow 30-45 minutes.
Print Garden Fun Finder
Download to your mobile device

Chaperone Guide

A guide to the top 7 Arboretum spots for teachers, educators, and parents to bring kids for sensory, STEM-inspired learning!
Download and print the Guide

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Green-Time Backpack
The Green-time Backpack has stories, props and everything you need to lead a "discovery + fun" visit for a curious group of young learners.
Activities are designed for Preschool - Grade 1.
Reserve and pay for a Backpack by clicking on the link below, then pick it up at the Gate when you arrive! 
One Backpack serves up to 30 students.
Download the Leader's Guide

Fee: $30 per backpack rental

















Summer 2017, all self-guided groups must reserve their visit in advance by calling 612-301-1210 or submit a Field Trip request form.

For booking dates September 1, 2017 and beyond, all groups, self-guided or otherwise, must reserve their visit in advance on our online registration site.

Questions? Call the Education Office at 612-301-1210.


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