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1. Maze Garden - Will you lose yourself? Or find your way through? Try both mazes!
2. Weekend Family Fun - Experience "hands-on plants" for all ages, Saturdays & Sundays, 12-4pm year-round; theme changes monthly.
3. Green Play Yard - It's natural fun especially designed for ages 5 and under.
4. Bog Walk on Green Heron Trail - Take the boardwalk across Green Heron Pond; look for herons, dragonflies, orchids and tamaracks.
5. Japanese Garden - Sit in the Garden House, listen to the rushing waterfall, count the koi.
6. Shade Tree Exhibit - Meet some trees that could live in your yard, and check out the little playhouses.
7. Fruit and Vegetable Garden - Do a walkabout and see what homegrown crops are ripening today.
8. Under The Oak - Build your own stick fort and crawl through the Twigloo.
9. Weeping Trees - How do some of them grow to look like green elephants?
10. Herb Gardens -The "scratch-and-sniff" idea started with herbs; rub their leaves gently and try a few!


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Your Bog Adventure 
Use this guide to find your way to more nature and more discoveries as you take the half-mile Green Heron Trail loop around Green Heron Pond. "Your Bog Adventure" includes 5 activities to do with children ages 5-11. You can print your own copy at home to bring, or pick up a free copy at the Oswald Visitor Center when you arrive. Allow 30-45 minutes. Are you ready to explore?
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Your Garden Fun Finder
Sprout some green curiosity as you explore the glorious display gardens near the Oswald Visitor Center. "Your Garden Fun Finder" offers 8 activities to do with children ages 5-11. You can print your own copy at home to bring, download it to your mobile device (e.g. iPad, Kindle, phone), or purchase a copy at the Arboretum Gift Store when you arrive. Allow 30-45 minutes.
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 Green Discovery Backpack icon Green Discovery Backpack
The Green Discovery Backpack is loaded with hand lenses, stories, puppets and other teaching aids, to let you explore the Arboretum at your own pace. Activities are designed for Preschool - Grade 1. When you reserve it, you receive the Teacher's Guide by mail to plan your visit. Then pick up the Backpack at the Gatehouse when you arrive. One backpack serves up to 30 students.

















All groups, self-guided or otherwise, must reserve their visit in advance.

Call the Education Office at 612-301-1210 for reservations and more information.

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