Strategic Plan 

To be the world-class northern-climate public garden and arboretum that inspires people to notice and reflect upon the beauty and subtleties of nature and the importance of our plant world.

To be a growing resource for horticultural information, plant conservation, research, and education. To inspire and delight a growing visitorship with outstanding displays, collections, and natural areas.

Core Values

  • We provide leadership in conserving our native flora
  • Plants are a necessary part of the emotional and spiritual well-being of all people. Horticulture and gardening are nurturing and creative activities
  • Discovery of new knowledge and dissemination of information are essential activities of the Arboretum and our Land Grant University.  This dissemination includes displays, exhibits, collections, as well as written and visual formats in order to reach an expanding community.
  • We are commitment to create an atmosphere of excitement, enthusiasm, & interest about the living environment and to connect people and plants
  • We will be accessible and welcoming to all people
  • We nuture a widening circle of friends, members, donors, and municipal leaders who sustain the Arboretum
  • We value mutual respect, open communication, shared responsibility and collaboration
  • We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct
  • We encourage and recognize creative work and individual initiative that serves to delight, inspire, and inform Arboretum audiences
  • We achieve excellence through outstanding service, creative leadership, innovation, dedicated staff, and safe and sustainable operations

Suggestions for GOALS

The Arboretum Strategic Plan public comments invited. These are the current suggested goals for 2014-2017. Please click here to email your comments.


  • Ensure diversity and aesthetics of gardens displays and collections
  • Provide compelling and innovative educational programs, services and displays that connect people with plants and the natural world
  • Generate resources to accomplish our vision
  • Foster outstanding public and visitor experiences through excellent customer service and well-maintained buildings and grounds
  • Create a work culture of professionalism, innovation and collaboration
  • Broaden public awareness of the Arboretum as a destination and community resource
  • Continue plant breeding and restoration research and establish programs in plant conservation
  • Strengthen the role of the Arboretum as a University-linked Public Garden/Arboretum