Strategic Plan 

Suggestions for GOALS

The Arboretum Strategic Plan public comments invited. These are the current suggested goals for 2012-2015. Please click here to email your comments.


  • Ensure excellence in the diversity and aesthetics of gardens and collections
  • Lead in creating education and displays that connect people with plants
  • Seek and generate resources to accomplish our vision
  • Foster outstanding public and visitor experiences
  • Invest in the Arboretum’s capacity to anticipate and respond to changing needs
  • Create a work culture of professionalism, innovation and collaboration
  • Broaden public awareness to build support of the Arboretum as a destination and community resource
  • Continue plant breeding and restoration research and establish programs in plant conservation.

To be the world-class northern landscape arboretum.

To be a resource for horticultural and environmental information, research, and public education.  To inspire and delight visitors with quality plants in well designed and maintained displays, collections, model landscapes, and conservation areas.

Core Values
We believe:

  • Plants are the basis of life on earth and a critical part of establishing and maintaining a viable urban and rural ecosystem.
  • People of all ages benefit by understanding the value of trees and other plants in their lives.
  • We must continue to support research to discover new knowledge about plants.
  • Plants are a necessary part of the emotional and spiritual well-being of all people. Horticulture is a nurturing and creative activity.
  • Dissemination of horticultural information is an essential outreach activity of the Arboretum. This dissemination includes landscape models, collections, and gardens, as well as written, visual, and verbal formats in order to reach all the community.
  • It is our commitment ot create an atmosphere of excitement, enthusiasm, and interest about the living environment.
  • We will strive to be accessible and welcoming to all people.


DRAFT Arboretum Circulation and Development Opportunity Plan

With the acquisition of the Western Addition property adjacent to the Arboretum a few years ago, a draft Arboretum Plan has been initiated to address entrance and circulation issues over the next 2-3 years, and potential development opportunities over the next 5-10 years. View the latest version from June 2012. Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.

Public comment is invited and will be considered by the Arboretum Board of Trustees and Arboretum regarding future planning for the Arboretum. Sorry, no personal replies or callbacks. Submit your comments "Attention Draft Plan" to