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Add an "Uniquely Arboretum" Educational Enrichment Experience
Each program will last 30-45 minutes and is designed for 15-30 participants, based on availability.

barrel of apples  Apples: A Sense-a-tional Experience ($25 per person)
Note: This class is seasonal, taking place during apple harvest.
Engage your senses in this unique apple tasting experience. Learn about the integral and decades-long process entailed in developing a new apple variety. Break-down the various qualities an apple breeder looks for in determining which apples are the best of the bunch. Then take what you know and apply it to a sampling of in-season apples in a side-by-side taste comparison. Take home a few of the Arboretum favorite apple recipes.
30-45 minutes, 15-30 participants
 aromatherapy tea Sipping Away the Stress ($25 per person)
Hundreds of plants, from lavender to chamomile, offer health benefits while making our lives more pleasurable. Sip and savor specially blended botanical teas and their benefits. Spend time blending your own custom tea to use at home or at the office.
45 minutes, 15-30 participants
Creating a Buzz: Take Flight with Honey ($25 per person)
Natural honey offers a sweetening to everything it touches. You will learn how artisanal honey differs from standard commercial brands. You will experience the profound differences in appearance and taste of honey produced from different plants in a flavorful "honey flight." Take home several kitchen proven and family pleasing recipes that incorporate honey in delightful and refreshing ways.
30-45 minutes, 15-30 participants
 Succulent Garden Digging into the Design: Create a Succulent Garden ($35 per person)
Create your own miniature succulent "garden" to take back to your desk or home as another way to bring a slice of the restorative power of nature into your daily life. Cut across divisional divides or stoggy ways of looking at the world around you, and join in the fun of helping each other create something beautiful. You will feel as if you took a small trip to an exotic paradise and understand that even if everyone draws from the same materials, each creation will be unique and reflect the individual's style and preferences.
30-45 minutes, 15-30 participants
 Chocolate Chocolate: Diversity and Quality ($28 per person)
Why are chocolate bars so popular? It feels like an indulgence, easily affordable and if you like the message the wrapper purports, that's a feel-good bonus - great value, easy decision. Chocolate is a highly attractive core product to begin with - adding premium quality choices, new flavor combinations, and a feel-good marketing message that provides for customer preferences increases its appeal and our urge to buy. During a guided chocolate tasting, your team will experience the differences among chocolates of varying qualities, flavors and marketing angles and learn about chocolate's journey from bean to bar and chocolate's health benefits.
30-45 minutes, 15-30 participants