Fall Color (Updated Oct. 1) - Our current weather - cool nights and cool, sunny days - is very conducive to producing vibrant fall color. The overall color at the Arboretum is at 5 to 10 percent and may increase to 20 percent by next week. Our sugar maples are showing red, orange and yellow, red maples along the boardwalk are red & yellow. You'll see yellow in the elms and birch and deep red in the sumac, maroon in the dogwoods.  The aralias along Three-Mile Drive have turned golden yellow. Viburnums also giving us a nice maroon color. In the prairie areas, feast your eyes on the golden brown tall grasses, dotted with purple, blue and yellow asters and sunflowers.

To visit our new What's In Bloom web page and see photos of what you can expect to see currently in bloom at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, click here.